Which in better? Heat Treatments or Chemical Treatments?

Which in better? Heat Treatments or Chemical Treatments?

Getting rid of bed bugs can be difficult. The best option is using a heat treatment.

Why Chemicals won't work? 

Think again if you consider using chemicals to eliminate bed bugs a better option! Chemical treatments are broken up into smaller payments, but once the treatment is completed, the total costs are still very high! Plus, a bed bug chemical treatment can take up to 6-8 weeks to become effective.

That means you'll still have to live with bed bugs, you'll also have to live with the chemicals every week or so, and there is still no guarantee that you will kill all of the bed bugs! Chemicals alone should never be an effective tool against bed bugs.

You'll have to apply with chemicals consistently and re-apply them for up to eight weeks before achieving any substantial results. And if bed bugs don't come in direct contact with the chemicals, they will survive and start a new infestation! Additionally, these chemicals are unsafe for the environment, children, and pets, making them unadvisable to use in human areas.

Why heat is simply more effective than chemicals?

Heat ensures that all bed bugs are fully exterminated within 24 hours because it penetrates all the voids in a home. 

The thing is: doing a bed bug heat treatment typically costs thousands of dollars and requires specialized equipment that only professionals can afford. But now, you can use the identical bed bug heaters at an affordable cost!

Heat Treatment Service is expensive, but now you can do it yourself!

If your facility is facing an outbreak of bed bugs, lice, or mites (scabies), you can count on the RT18-L Heated Extractor. This 160 PSI Multi-Function Extractor uses high pressure, high-temperature water, and powerful suction to extract deeply embedded dirt or stains from upholstery and carpets. 

SANITMAX uses the contemporary best technology to defend your facility. Improve cleanliness that can boost staff morale and visitors' perception.

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