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SM1050B 41.3" Battery Powered Walk-behind Floor Sweeper with Water Sprinklers, Triple Brushes

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* 4-year warranty for brushes. 2-year warranty for other parts!
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SM1050B 41.3“ Walk-behind Battery Powered Sweeper is Best for cleaning Vinyl, Wood, Concrete, Tile, Stone, Ceramic, Rubber, Asphalt, Pavers, Bricks, Permeable pavement, Gravel Paths, and other Hard-surface floors of indoor and outdoor areas. It features:

  • Easy to push due to the powerful electric motor, travels up to 2.5 MPH, climbs inclines up to 20%;
  • 550 w cleaning power, 3200 rpm motor speed;
  • 41.3" wide cleaning path, 9.25-gallon easy empty dustbin, 3.96-gallon water tank;
  • Working efficiency up to 64500 sqft/h, 4 hours continuous working time, up to 5.9 acres for one charge;
  • Triple Nylon+ Polypropylene brushes with two front brushes and 1 roller brush, durable and resistant to stress;
  • Equipped with 2 water sprinklers for dust suppression, over 20 minutes of continuous water spray time;
  • Large filter area of 21.5 square feet;
  • Free shipping! Process and ship in 1-2 business days;
  • 4-year warranty for brushes, 2-year warranty for other parts.

Exclusive One-Button-Control Water Spray System for Dust Suppression

Like a street sweeper, SANITMAX SM1050B Floor Sweeper equips with 2* 6501 Flat Fan Nozzles to help control dust with the fine water mist; it is useful in dusty conditions to suppress the dust, keep the air quality and the operator's safety.

It’s very easy to operate, add water to the tank, start the machine, press the "Watering" switch on the control panel to activate the water spray, and press the switch again to turn it off.

Consists of:

  • 2* 6501 Flat Fan Nozzles
  • 3.96 Gal Water Tank
  • 20 Minutes of Continuous Water Spray Time

NOTE: Do not use the water spray system on wet surfaces.

----Q: Why there's mud when using the water spray system?
----A: The mud may be created due to heavy dust or wet surfaces. We suggest waiting until the surface is dry, then do the sweeping to get the perfect results. And make a regular maintenance plan to keep the dust from building up.

    Application Indoor and Outdoor
    Coverage/Productivity Up to 64500 sqft /h
    Estimated Run Time 4 Hours
    Power Source Rechargeable Battery
    Cleaning Width 41.3 Inch
    Dimension(L x W x H) 42.5/41.3/42.5 in
    Dustbin capacity 9.24 Gallon
    Main/Side brush length 17.5/16.5 in
    Filter area 21.5 square feet (2m²)
    Battery 12V/73Ah Rechargeable
    Climbing ability 20%
    Vacuum motor rotate speed 3200 rpm
    Water Tank Capacity 3.96 gallon
    Working power 550 w Max
    Working speed 2.5mph
    Main motor rotation speed 2800 r/min
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    ● 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee

    Why the main brush stops working?

    The main brush overload protection pops after a couple minutes and the main brush stops working. How do we prevent this?

    when encountering this problem, you may do as follow:

    1. turn off the power;
    2. Adjust the main brush's height by tuning the rubber wood nut. For your case, you may lift the main brush a little higher;
    3. turn on the power again;
    4. push the main brush's overload protection button. 

    SANITMAX SM1050B Electric Floor Sweeper

    How to use automated water spray?

    —— "Assembly took less than 10 minutes, and we tested it out immediately. It was easy to maneuver. I ran it over brick pavers and concrete patios and it easily cleaned them up, including the stamped lines. The side brushes can get right along the edges and against the wall."

    —— "Easy to use, and much more convenient than a regular manual sweeper."

    —— "Love this! Makes it super easy to clean up the warehouse floors."

    —— "So easy to use!"

    —— "This sweeper made the job of cleaning sidewalks much easier and cleaning was a breeze."

    —— "It works as described, I use it to clean half an acre of ground and just one stop to empty. Picks up all the leaves and small debris."

    —— "We use it to clean our asphalt parking lot, and it worked great, we ordered another, so we have two now. Definitely saved us some time and back pain, a real breeze since it's easy to push and walk behind. Well worth the money."

    —— "I use it in our warehouse and it works amazing. I would say the bigger garage you have, the better it would work because you don’t have to turn a lot. I’ve used it on rough concrete and it still works great. "

    —— "Arrived more than a week earlier than expected. I use it to clean a property of about 3000 square feet. Worked very quietly and did a really good job! "

    —— "We are a glass manufacturer operating in a 70K sq ft warehouse. Dirt, gravel, and mud get tracked into the warehouse by delivery trucks and people. Leaves and dirt blow in through opened overhead doors. Small pieces of broken glass accumulate near the waste receptacle. This floor sweeper effectively picks it all up from our concrete floor! It is quiet, easy to push, highly efficient and the trashbin is easy to empty. "

    —— "We lost the key after receiving the products 1 week and contacted the seller. They quickly helped us by free shipping the keys to us on the second day. A company with genuine and friendly customer service."

    —— "Does a nice job of it! The water sprinkle to keep the air fresh when the brooms clean the floor well and picks up most everything."

    —— "This sweeper has a great wide cleaning path and strong suction. It does well pushing forward. Worth the price."

    —— "Bought for a large warehouse and used it on concrete floors. Less expensive and less hassle than floor scrubbers. Well made and stands up to heavy industrial use. Customer service is excellent. The dustbin can hold a lot of dirt."

    —— "Our staff can now clean the corridors much quicker and with better results. Definitely worth the purchase price given the quality and labor efficiency gained."

    —— "Great machine for industrial cleaning, price is high! But worth it compares to other sweeper machines."