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SM1000 Dry Ice Blasting Machine - Industrial and Commercial Dry-ice Blaster

SM1000 Dry Ice Blasting Machine - Industrial and Commercial Dry-ice Blaster

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SANITMAX SM1000 Dry Ice Cleaner works by using reclaimed carbon dioxide to freeze and blast away contaminants, it provides a quick, environmentally responsible, and technologically advanced solution to the most difficult cleaning challenges.

It can be used across many industries for cleaning and surface prep, effectively removing grease, oil, dirt, dust, adhesives, paints, food residue, bacteria, tar, soot, greasy smoke residue, mold, ink, paper dust, resin… and more! From sticky glue on a binding machine to tarnish on delicate metal.  

SANITMAX SM1000 Dry Ice blasting machine User Manual

  • Clean without causing any damage to the equipment and machine parts.
  • Reduces overall cleaning time by up to 80%
  • Easy operation, leakage protection, energy-saving, compact design;
  • It doesn't require secondary waste cleanup and is environmentally friendly.
  • Free shipping! 2-Year Warranty!
  • For any needs, feel free to contact us, and we will get back to you ASAP within 24 hours. 
  • 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee
Model and specification
Product name
Dry Ice Cleaning Machine/Dry Ice Blaster
110VAC / 60Hz (do not use this machine when supply voltage change exceeds ± 10% of specified voltage)
Dry ice capacity
22.04 Lb
Dry ice output
0.66 Lbs/min ~1.32 Lbs/ min
Compressed air input pressure
80 ~120 psi (adjustable)
Compressed air input flow 0.58~2.35 CFM (1~4 m3/h)
Dry ice particles pass through size
3 mm and less
20.5inch *22.5inch *33inch (length x width x height)
128 Lb
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Quick, environmentally responsible, and technologically advanced solution to the most difficult cleaning challenges.

High Efficiency Cleaning Equipment

Clean thoroughly from general to most difficult challenges. High cleaning capability for various surfaces and debris. Reduce work fatigue and increase productivity.

Extended Warranty Coverage

2-year Warranty for the cleaning machines, 4-year Warranty for the brushes of floor sweepers; . Free ship the non-wearable parts to you in warranty time. A complete set of parts in stock to help solve the product issues.

Reliable After-Sale Support

Complete tech support services ensure you and your cleaning machines work efficiently and securely. Just call or email us to get problems solved in 24 hours.

Free Shipping and Fast Processing

Free shipping to 50 States!

Process in 2-3 business days (Except Pre-order products).

Deliver in 1-2 weeks.

Customer Review

  • The Crew @ ILM

    So far this machine does the job. Avoid sweeping debris into piles for the machine to vacuum up.
    This will create dust from the brushes. Just turn it on and walk slowly behind the machine and save your broom and dust pan for less accessible areas. Unlike a lawnmower, it works best moving forward not backing up.

  • William W (Houston, TX)

    My partners are very satisfied with the clean and fresh floor.

  • Derrick (Columbia, TN)

    It works faster than any cleaning equipments I bought before, my staff can finish their work earlier and happier.

  • Michelle (New York)

    Amazing customer service team! They responded to my email and solve the problem really fast!

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